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Growing & Spinning Cotton

I will see what I can do with things in here,
And make without strain
There may be some points that are not perfect.
If you like mine including those points,
I am happy.

I grow and spin White and Brown Asian Cotton, Brown and Green Cotton.

My cottons are grown in a natural environment as much as possible.

No pesticides, no manure, no cultivate, no remove grasses, only cutting higher weeds. I think it’s a sustainable way. And most of all, I like the scenery, with weeds.

My spinning tool is a charkha, a spinning wheel and spindles that is very simple as you make from a stick and a cardboard.

Hand spun cotton thread is righter and softer than thread spun by machine, but torn off easier. There are thin parts and thick parts.

Green cotton’ color fades gradually by sunlight and something, like Tatami. If you soak in alkali liquid, green color turn dark. If you soak in acidic liquid, green color fades away and turn cream color. (The turning happens only a few times…after that, enjoy the natural fading).

I just only boiled my spun thread and yarn, no degreasing, no breaching, so cannot remove the oil of cotton completely.

While repeating wearing and washing, the oil falls and the cloth adapts itself to skin gradually.

Washing gently by hand with warm water is the best, by washing machine with putting it in a washing net is the better. Don’t scrub. Take care about the sharp thing.

If you notice some things that need to be fixed or something, please feel free to contact me.

And if you use my product in any way until it returns to the soil, I’m really happy.

Thank you very much for reading.
Sorry if my English is mistaken…

© 2011 Wataitoya わたいとや

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